I am puzzled.

I am considerably puzzled.

A lot of the media is advocating a holistic and total ban on all guns because we don’t need them. If we have a problem, like someone breaking in, we should just call the police. People with training and vetting who can be trusted with such dangerous things as guns.

Are those, by chance, the same police that, for the last few years, the same media has done nothing but portray as murdering swine who are out to kill innocent people without so much as a reason?

Truth; I have guns.

Fact: no human has **ever** shed blood due to **any** gun I own. The most significant injury any of them has inflicted was in pinching my thumb badly enough to raise a blood blister the size of a pencil eraser. (Damn break-action shotgun…)

Fact: No police officer has ever drawn his gun and pointed it at me or anyone I know in any instance I am aware of, mostly because nobody I know would willingly give any police officer justification to do so.

Turns out, cops and guns have a lot in common. A gun will kill somebody if you put it in a position where it has no other option. A cop is exactly the same. You point a gun and pull the trigger, a gun will fire. You corner a cop and try to beat him up, that cop will fire.

Here’s an idea. Let’s suggest the media get back to reporting news rather than just trying to tell people what to believe. I’ve got enough intelligence to decide for myself what I do and do not believe.

And…if you have to turn on a modern media source to figure out what you believe…I think you should immediately be stripped of every single right you have and put in a home somewhere because you’re too stupid to be trusted to move around in this world unattended. Seriously, if you need CBS or FOX to tell you what to believe, you need a handler and a helmet.

Yeah, Paddock in Vegas killed a bunch of people because he was a nutjob. Instead of taking a “long hard look” at gun laws, why not take a long hard look at how dismally difficult it is to get help for any mental health difficulty in this country. Take a look at the stigma somebody is forced to carry for even looking. Take a look at how genuinely batshit crazy you have to be in this damn country to even **get** mental health help in this country.

Don’t blame guns, don’t blame cops. Blame those lazy bastards that have been sitting on their overpaid asses for decades in high office putting frivolous crap ahead of legitimately beneficial programs that could make help available to people easily **before** they get to their breaking point. Consider the benefits of saying “Hey, you want a check from the Federal Government for $20? Great! Then come on down to the local health department and let us give you a complete physical!” Not only would it allow medical professionals a chance to get ahead of the epidemics and treat people before the epidemics get out of control, but with fewer than twenty routine questions you could identify anybody who’s a little too close to “hazardous to public safety” before they actually present a legitimate risk. The expense of the cheap incentive would be saved in the long run by the lack of having to call out the National Guard every two weeks to take care of a preventable crisis.

Here’s the facts, kids. Yes, there was a shooting in Las Vegas. And yes, there was a party totally responsible. It wasn’t a gun, it wasn’t a bullet, it wasn’t a gadget. It was a fat cat on Capitol Hill who’s been writing bills to secure another bailout for his banking buddies instead of writing provisions for things that can actually help people.

Now, let’s stop and look at something else… April 19, 1995. 168 people dead, not a single shot fired. August 12, 2017. Only one fatality, but had a different vehicle been used, it would have been higher than the events of April 19, 1995. No shots fired. September 11, 2001. 2,996 people dead and more dying every day. Not a single shot fired.

You don’t need a damn gun to kill people! You never have! If someone is intending to kill people, the method is secondary. If somebody is insane, method no longer matters. You ban guns, you’ll see IEDs in cars regularly, people crashing cars into crowds of people, people hijacking airplanes and flying them into buildings. When a mental problem is the cake, the icing is irrelevant.

In 200 years when people look back on this time, they won’t care that guns were available, because we’ll have hopefully learned by then that until we start putting things in motion to actually do something for people who are struggling mentally, banning objects won’t make a difference.

Let’s be blunt. Last year, I had a rough time. And do you know what help I got? Absolutely none. Luckily for the world, I was in a mental hole shallow enough to dig out of on my own. What might have happened if I hadn’t been able to crawl out on my own? Maybe I’d have done away with myself. But, lets put this scenario in a different setting, like some guy who just bet big and lost big, delivered a sad story to the casino pit boss, and got told “ya win some, ya lose some”. Decides he’s going to kill himself, but he’s not going by himself. He’s going to make sure nobody wants to come within a mile of that casino ever again.

You end up with some guy in Las Vegas, banging away at people. He used guns. He could have used a truck, or an airplane, or a chemical in the HVAC. The problem isn’t guns, it is a sickening preference to fund unnecessary things over critical things. Let’s make sure that some park in the middle of nowhere has enough federal money to keep all three hundred miles of fence freshly painted, and to hell with that guy struggling with his mental issues. He’ll live or he won’t, who cares, so long as this park nobody goes to looks nice. Let’s make sure they can afford a fireworks extravaganza for the fourth of July, but to hell with this guy over here who’s at his lowest point, thinking thoughts he really should talk to somebody about.

Simply put, sane people don’t kill strangers. Sane people don’t hijack planes or build truck bombs, and they damn sure don’t drag hundreds of pounds of armament to the 32nd floor of a hotel. You can ban all the inanimate object you want, but until you give people a way to access help and to find sick people before they snap, all you’re doing is wasting time. How many people have to die before we stop worrying about banning objects and start trying to eradicate untreated mental health struggles?

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3 Responses to I am puzzled.

  1. Jim/Dewtey says:

    Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away…

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  2. FACT- people who cannot obtain guns legally will find illegal ways to do so.

    FACT- constricting the laws will only harm law-abiding citizens.

    if you believe that gun control is the answer- refer to my first 2 facts. Gun control, gun denial is not the answer. I don’t know what is but I do know that gun control / denial is NOT the answer.

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    • TJ1985 says:

      Making good people defenseless does not immediately render bad people harmless. Every one of the perpetrators of these shootings went into it intending to kill people, which is a violation of law. This thus proves that additional laws, regardless of how restrictive, will only impact those who respect the laws to begin with.


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